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established. provides consumers with the confidence and trust that comes with well-established. brands that are highly regarded, highly trusted, and highly associated with innovation. Our brands have helped consumers navigate a century of product and technology innovation -- from the introduction of consumer radios to the rise of color TVs and the current adoption of personal and in-home devices that define the digital lives of consumers around the world.

Our mission
Our mission is to identify the innovators who are changing the world and carefully select those who can live up to our brands' promises of performance and value. As licensors of some of the most loved consumer brands, established. is at the center of how licensees and retailers come together to help consumers enjoy the innovative, dependable products they love...and trust.



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Never in the history of humanity have consumers worldwide had access to a broader array of products and services that promise to improve the quality of their lives at home, at work and on the go. For many, however, the exponential rise in options has created a tyranny of choice…and a crisis of confidence.

Intriguing value-propositions presented by unfamiliar industry participants may be unsettling for consumers -- a challenge that grows more acute as the pace of innovation accelerates.

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