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established. brands have delivered over a century of consumer confidence, bringing innovations to market that enhance the quality of people’s lives at home, at work and on the go. Become part of established.’s tradition of innovation and accelerate the execution of your go-to-market strategy today.

Since: 1919
Brand Awareness: Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa

Founded in 1919, the Radio Corporation of America now RCA has been making home electronics a part of the American family for over 100 years. Today, RCAs iconic name is known worldwide for its ingenuity, exceptional performance, and value.

Since: 1893
Brand Awareness: Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Americas

For over 130 years, Thomson has been a part of history’s great technological advances, making innovation accessible to all. Thomson continues its legacy today with a wide range of reliable and stylish products, including television and audio/video systems, home appliances and healthcare equipment.

Brand Awareness: Worldwide

Founded in Berlin, Germany, Blaupunkt derived its name from its unique blue dot quality seal. Today, over 50 global licensees leverage the brand's reputation for German quality, reliability, and affordability in areas including electronics, appliances, automotive, home & garden products, as well as sustainable energy and mobility solutions.

Since: 1923
Brand Awareness: Europe, North Africa, Asia

It all started in Germany’s Black Forest where Saba first established itself as a HiFi audio company that grew to become a precision manufacturing and electronics brand. Saba continues its tradition of bringing the world quality affordable consumer electronics and household appliances to meet all of life’s needs.

Since: 1906
Brand Awareness: Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania

Over 100 years ago, the Victor Talking Machine Company introduced the American public to the magic of sound with its innovative turntable. Today, Victrola continues to innovate in music, community, and artistry with sleek, stylish machines that meet our modern standards of quality and compatibility.

Since: 1935
Brand Awareness: United Kingdom, Europe

Since the late 1930s, the electronics brand Ferguson has enjoyed broad recognition and popularity across the United Kingdom. Today, Ferguson imparts its British touch as the product portfolio continues to expand alongside its notoriety for quality and excellence.

Since: 1947
Brand Awareness: Western Europe, Eastern Europe

Founded by Otto Hermann Mende in North Germany in 1947, NordMende is renowned for setting new standards in design and technology. Long associated with quality within the electronics and home appliance industries, NordMende has gained recognition for its continued innovation.

Since: 1990
Brand Awareness: Americas, Asia, Oceania

Since the 1990s, Proscan has continued to deliver the latest technology, performance, and design within its range of electronics. For novice and professionals alike, Proscan is a well-loved brand among home entertainment enthusiasts with a reputation for quality at an attractive price.

Since: 1899
Brand Awareness: Asia, Americas, Europe, Oceania

In 1899, the image of a dog listening to a wind-up gramophone gave birth to the famous tagline: His Master’s Voice. This logo made Victor one of the industry’s most iconic brands. Today, it continues to be known, loved, and celebrated worldwide.

Since: 2021

For over 100 years as the mascots of the brand RCA, the most faithful and adorable dogs of America now show up under their very own brand : Nipper & Chipper. With a strong heritage, the 2 dogs brand endeavor is directed towards our fellow pets, with generosity, loyalty, trust, and care.