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established. is a creative licensing company that discovers, stewards, and empowers the world’s best brands. We manage a global portfolio of brands -- including RCA, Thomson, Blaupunkt, Saba, Victrola and NordMende - that are known for their momentous innovation, longevity, and creativity, and more.

established. seeks partnerships with ambitious manufacturers and distributors that share core ethical principles (fair prices, proven technologies, sustainable products, etc.) to extend the influence of internationally recognized and respected brands.

Businesses that leverage established. brands have quickly built credibility and confidence with consumers who have demonstrated that they are more likely to try new products and services when they are offered by brands they recognize and trust. As a result, companies that partner with established. experience:

• Faster time to market. A brand name with global appeal brings the world to your doorstep. Take advantage of increased access and improve your market share in regions previously out of reach.

• Reduction of risks. When you work under a powerful banner that signals your standards and principles; you profit directly from existing brand values; it removes the need to invest in expensive long-term brand building initiatives.

• Enhanced branding and marketing. Members of the established. community maximize their marketing potential by leveraging the parent brand’s unified social channels, global website, and extended marketing apparatus.

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