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Go-to-market framework
established. offers distributors, manufacturers, traders and retailers access to comprehensive go-to-market services that streamline the process of bringing products to consumers around the world, with product and geography rights to licensees. Licensees that work with our brands can accelerate their time-to-market and rapidly develop meaningful relationships with consumers.

established. creates business opportunities for brand licensing partners through the most highly recognized and trusted brands around the globe.

Legal Services

Your ideas are yours to own. We offer contract development, brand protection, licensee protection of copy, taglines, and proprietary naming.

Brand Stewardship

It’s the details that matter most. We manage the continuity of each brand’s identity. Licensing partners also receive full access to an online portal with a glossary of all licensees and products and a suite of brand assets, charters, and historical information.

Graphic & Branding Experience

First impressions last a lifetime. We present your ideas to the world in a polished, professional bundle that includes the creation of graphic elements and style guides that are ideal for packaging, videos, and more. Additionally, we provide tool kits and guidelines for ease of use, while providing individual follow-up and assistance according to your needs.

Business Development & Retail

You grow, we grow: it’s a win-win. As e-commerce experts, we can build out your website and experience architecture. In addition, we’re currently developing e-shops with external branded partners, such as Amazon, to support growth for our licensees. We’ll also create a custom business strategy to help you collaborate with other major retailers.

Quality Assurance

Customer satisfaction is a critical component of our strategy. We’re here to make sure your product reaches its full potential. We assist in all product testing, troubleshooting, and the execution of running focus groups and collecting their feedback to solve any issue that might arise along the way.

Marketing & Communication

Brands exist by virtue of their awareness and perception among consumers. We manage social media accounts and create campaigns for paid media and print. You’ll find us front and center participating in the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and at Europe’s biggest tech conference, Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), in Berlin.

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